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ENG-44 Portable Sound Mixer
Superb field production
sound at a price you’ll like

Just $529 + $15 s/h  more portable sound mixer photos

The ENG-44 over-the-shoulder portable sound mixer only weighs 2.25 pounds, including batteries— and will run on those batteries for 14 hours under light load or 9 hours when using a pair of typical phantom power mics. It’s four channels of professional sound mixing power that you can tote anywhere to capture the sound you need, backed by our guaranteed sound mixer specifications.

Features inlcude four balanced mic/line XLR audio inputs with low cut filters, and 48v phantom power, plus balanced XLR outputs, stereo mini mic out and stereo mini line out, and the ability to gang two or more ENG-44 sound mixers together. Also included in the ENG-44 Sound Mixer are a slate mic and reference tone generator, return monitoring, left/right/center stereo position selection, and switchable brightness LED peak level sound meters. A second audio output for the mic boom operator is also included, something unique for a sound mixer in this price class. Click the following to read about all our sound mixer features and specifications.


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