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The classic workhorse of video signal improvement
is now available in single and dual proc amp models


| power | meter | unity | split | mono | sync | black | gain | saturation | hue

PA-100 Single Proc Amp Just $399 + $15 s/h

PA-200 Dual Proc Amp
Just $549
+ $15 s/h

Two proc amps in one for just 30% more

1 year warranty

Click here for Proc Amp specifications

Improve, Correct and Stabilize
your video during video editing, pre-capture or when duplicating tapes and DVDs. Also match video from different cameras for consistent color, look and feel. Plus many other video processor features. The SignVideo processing amplifiers (proc amps) are highly recommended for DV, Hi-8, 8, S-VHS, VHS, and betacam and for both linear and non-linear editing

Scene to scene Correction
Use our proc amps to correct shot by shot for brightness, contrast, color saturation and hue. Boost low light scenes. Suppress washed out whites. Boost low color saturation due to low light levels, faded color film, or other causes. Also use our proc amps to match shots from different cameras or taken on different days or under different lighting conditions. Bring out detail in dark or over-bright areas, including detail which would be otherwise lost to digital compression (during capture to computer edit systems)

Dual Luminance Metering and Sync Restoration Insure Quality Video
Use built in black level and white level meters to keep adjustments to proper video levels. Video at proper levels adheres to video standards and will look good on any video monitor or television. Otherwise, a video that plays great on your monitor may look horrible on your client's TV or monitor. Problems due to deteriorated sync can also be avoided.

Restore Sync Amplitude
Degradation of sync can occur during original camera recording or during dubbing of tapes and can accumulate over generations resulting in symptoms such as picture tearing, shifting, jitter or roll. Use sync mode to restore sync to standard sync level.

Boost Low Light Level Video
Boost luminance gain (white level) to brighten low light or underexposed scenes. Bring out detail in dark areas, on dark objects and materials (black level). Boost low light color saturation (chroma gain).

Reduce Wash OutCompensate for overexposed shots or wash out in white areas or on white objects or materials. Suppress peak whites. Bring up texture and detail washed out on white fabrics, furniture, tablecloths, clothes.

For Non-linear Computer Editing, do the above during capture to preserve detail that would otherwise be lost during digital compression.

Repeat Settings AccuratelyEach control is scaled allowing you to accurately log each setting-so selections can be repeated during editing and conforming.

Lay Down Video BlackSet the luminance control to zero to record video black. Great for leader, title background or for black frame inserts.

1 Year Warranty



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