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Push in to apply power to the proc amp. In off position no power is consumed and no video is passed to the output.

Built in dual meter displays black level and video level bar graph readings--- (1) peak white video level on the right, and (2) peak black video on the left. Upper number scale is for reading white level. Bottom number scale is for reading black level. Normal video will extend from a minimum 7.5 to a maximum 100. Check these readings to keep adjustments within proper 7.5 to 100 video levels. Video at proper levels will remain consistently viewable on different video monitors, television receivers and other equipment, while video outside this range will cause problems with some equipment.

Push in for unity gain to bypass all controls and set the video output essentially equal to the video input. Use when you want unprocessed video. Also use to compare processed and unprocessed video by toggling in and out of unity (or use the split screen for the same purpose).

split screen
Push in to view a split screen comparison. The left side is processed video, the right side unprocessed ("unity") video.

Push in for monochrome (black & white) video by removing color burst. In addition to giving you black and white images when you want them, this mode is very useful for judging actual sharpness, focus, depth of field, and separating color problems from image problems. If a soft image gets suddenly sharp in monochrome, it points to a color problem. Also should be used when dealing with original black and white video.

Push in to restore sync amplitude (the output sync will always be 40 IRE as long as the input sync is greater than 30 IRE). Degradation of sync can occur during original camera recording or during dubbing of tapes and can accumulate over generations resulting in symptoms such as picture tearing, shifting, jitter or roll. Use sync mode to restore sync to standard (40 IRE) sync level.

luminance black
Shifts the entire visible video signal either brighter or darker in order to set the blacks at the desired level. The meter should read 7.5 on scenes that contain a really dark object. If the black clip LED lights, you should adjust clockwise to stop clipping.

luminance gain
Adjusts luminance gain (brightness) portion of the picture. Use to set the brighter portions of the picture to the desired level. Meter should read 80-100 on scenes containing whites. If the clip LED lights, the level is excessive.

chroma saturation
Adjusts the color saturation (also called the chroma gain or chroma level). Set by eye with a good video monitor. Particularly useful for increasing low color saturation common in low light level conditions, and for decreasing effect of color bleeding and smear (by turning down saturation).

chroma hue
Adjusts the color hue (also called tint or phase). Set by eye with a good video monitor.

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